Oh Sh*t! I have a zit.


The big night is fast approaching. Its your homecoming, your prom or even your wedding day. You have the dress. You have the shoes. Your hair appointment is set. And you wake to find a huge boil-like zit on your face!  Ughhhh!

We have all experienced this dastardly scenario.  And while it is frustrating, there are steps you can take to help both avoid and fix zits that are trying to ruin your beautiful event.

Pimple Tip #1: Keep your hands off!  Do not attempt to squeeze, pop or otherwise remove the pimple, unless of course you are a trained esthetician with the correct implements to do so. Typically this will only inflame your new friend, making it worse or leaving a scar to remind you of this pimple for rest of your life.  (Trust me.  I know personally.)  And this is the exact opposite of what you want.

Pimple Tip #2: Clean your skin every... single... day.  Choose a Benzoyl Peroxide based product line.  This should make a noticeable difference in your skin, but you need to use it consistently for 6 to 8 weeks prior to your event.  The key here is consistency.  That means wash your face every, single night.  No exceptions.  

Pimple Tip #3: See your dermatologist for a Cortisone shot.  If your big day is approaching and you find yourself with a few pimples, your Derm can help.  It takes about 36 hours for this method to work, so get in there and watch your zits flatten like pancakes.

Pimple Tip #4: Try Salicylic Peels.  Salicylic Acid reduces oil and cleanses the pores while helping prevent break outs.  It is best to do these peels in a series of three over a few months, so get your calendar out and plan. Your esthetician can help you design your peel schedule specifically to meet your needs.  And these peels shouldn't break the bank at around $60 to $80 per treatment.

Pimple Tip #5: For that last-minute-party-crashing zit, try a blemish stick.  We recommend the Pevonia Blemish-B-Gone Stick followed with Pevonia's Youth Renew Tinted Cream.  First, you wipe out the swelling with the blemish stick and then cover the redness with this tinted cream that is actually good for your skin.

Pimple Tip #6: Avoid dairy.  If you tend to have break outs, avoid dairy for about 4 weeks prior to your big event.  Dairy contains extra hormones that can irritate skin and make you more prone to inviting zits to that special occasion.

No one wants to bring a big, red zit to a special event.  Following a regular skin care regimen is a great way to keep your skin healthy, but if pimples just seem to plague you, these tips should make a difference.  And as always, drink lots of water to help flush your pores regularly.  

by Rae Jean Catrabone,

Acting Owner of SandCille Spa & Host of SandCilleTV Original Series, Spa Talk