You Get What You Pay For


From Wikipedia, an autoclave is a pressure chamber used in medical applications to perform sterilization. Many autoclaves sterilize equipment by subjecting them to high-pressure saturated steam at 249 °F for around 15–20 minutes.  It is what your dentist and your surgeon use to sterilize their implements before they use them on you.  And it is what we do at SandCille.  Our implements are hand-washed, then placed into plastic bags, and opened right in front of you during your service.  After a service, the implements are placed into the autoclave for a full cycle which destroys bacteria and virus so it can't be passed onto you.  Every single client gets clean, autoclaved implements when they have a service at SandCille.  Our implements are NEVER used again on another client... EVER.  

Air Filtration

At SandCille, we choose to go beyond Pennsylvania and BIU requirements in air filtration.  Our air filtration system purifies the air within the spa so that you can enjoy your services free of dust and allergens.  Our system also filters the harsh chemical odors (found in most nail salons) away from you so you can safely enjoy your time with us.  We want the spa environment to be the best it can be for you and our team members.  

Licensed Technicians

Every single nail technician, esthetician and massage therapist are licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at SandCille Spa.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Why is this important?  Most of the services we perform require an understanding of chemical products and how those chemicals react with your skin and nails.  Our team members make it look easy, but most of what they do can be dangerous in the hands of an unlicensed, self-trained person.  Also, if you are using someone without a license, they cannot have insurance to protect you if you are hurt by their services.  Allowing an unlicensed person to use hot wax on your skin, medical grade glue on your eyelashes or chemical peels on your skin, etc., is very risky.  

Pipe Free Pedicure Chairs

The pedicure chair at the salon you choose plays an important role in your health and safety. The problem lies in the pipes and pumps underneath the footbath which gives you the whirlpool effect. You can not see these pipes but they collect dead skin, nails and grime from the persons before you. Even after the basin has been cleaned, all that gunk from previous customers comes out of the pipes and into the water you’re soaking in.

At SandCille Spa, we've invested in state-of-the-art pedicure chairs that do not have bacteria-carrying pipes.  After every pedicure, we thoroughly drain, clean and sanitize the spa basin and its components with a medical grade disinfectant.  This kills the bacteria and germs that can cause infection and viruses.  To further increase your safety, every client is treated with autoclaved implements and the implements are never shared between clients.  As well, all buffers and files are used once and then sent home with the client.


Files & Buffers

Reusing files and buffers is a common practice at most salons and spas doing nail treatments.  At SandCille Spa, we understand the importance of keeping you safe from viruses, germs and bacteria, so we NEVER re-use our files and buffers.  When you have a nail service at SandCille, you take the file and buffer home with you.

Double Dipping

Double dipping is when a stick or metal spatula is used to apply wax and then placed back into the wax pot again to apply more wax.  This practice is unclean and puts you at risk for viruses and bacteria shared from other clients.  SandCille Spa does NOT double dip.


At SandCille, we are focused on being the cleanest, safest spa in our industry, and that even goes down to our floors.  Our spa floors are antimicrobial and 100% seamless to promote health and well-being in clients and our team members.  Seamless floors mean that nail trimming, hair, skin and dirt can not be trapped in the seams of the floor, so they are cleaner and safer.